Apriltzi gardens


Great opportunity for investment in clean region of Bulgaria – town Apriltzi!

We offering to sell 84077 sqm. Of land in town of Apriltzi ( the center of Bulgaria). The land can be used for dual purposes: 1. As development land, we have a permission to build 35000sqm on the plot – SPA, private homes, commercial property such as offices and gym.  The land has 4 buildings, cheese factory (974sqm) and one barn (800sqm) , office building (140 sqm) plus residential (142sqm). The area is known for its mineral waters and fresh air for asthma patience. We have a beautiful views of national park Balkan with ski slopes. The plot is bordering with Ostreshka River. Asphalt road crossing the property going to Varna.

The second use of the land can be for agriculture purposes. It used to be a “kolhoze” and it included 150 milking cow, 500 sheep, and thousands of poultry.

Both usages will receive substantional financing from EU. The land is being offered at 836 566 euro (84077sqm x 9.95 euro = 836 566 euro ). This is the lowest price anywhere. Land listed about two kilometers away less desirable is offered at 32 euro per sqm!

Apriltsi Gardens

Spa Residences

Located in south-eastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula
Borders Romania, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and the Black Sea
Capital – Sofia
Territory – 111 000 sq.km
Population – 7.9 mln

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